DGM Marine Academy will be a world class training center well respected I the maritime field, constantly innovating using the latest technology in training and maintain a dominant presence in maritime industry.


⋆ To be pioneer in the field of maritime training.
⋆ To provide top quality training programs to maritime industry personnel.
⋆ Developing modern state of the art training equipment. Constantly updating the learning content to be always up to date with the regulations.
⋆ Be a reliable, ethical and socially responsible maritime education and training provider.
⋆ To provide a platform for research and constant improvement for the maritime industry.

Training Facilities

It is very important to choose the right company at the beginning. It is the training that is imparted to a trainee that makes all the difference. In order to pick a good company you must first check these few things:

➊ Does the company provide you adequate safety, security, stability and high quality work environment?
➋ Does the company have a proactive training program and career progression?
➌ Does the company have various types of ships?
➍ Is there job security and scope for growth in the company?
➎ Does the company have high standards of ships and operational values
➏ Is the company compassionate and care about its employee?

The entire above requirement are fulfilled by Seven Seas College of Marine Studies. Training with DGM Marine Academy is a highly rewarding experience and all our trainees realize the value of training with Seven Seas College of Marine Studies after becoming certified officers and continue the proud tradition of training their juniors to achieve excellence in their field.